Au Collégial international Sainte-Anne, on présente une façon unique de terminer ses études

Collégial international Sainte-Anne develops a unique way to complete your studies

The Collégial international Sainte-Anne has set itself apart in a special way by presenting its students’ final-year projects. Everyone was invited to visit the Correspondances 2014 exhibition.
You can locate several of their projects using this map and view an explanatory video of what they had to offer this year and last year!

Conférence de Mylène Paquette: Partons, la mer est belle

Conférence de Mylène Paquette: Partons, la mer est belle

Traverser l’Atlantique à la rame. Rien de moins. Partager son expérience en conférence: un autre défi relevé avec brio par Mme Mylène Paquette.

« Zip le zip! »

« Zip the zipper! »

“The little dog will hit the ball. Then, the car will roll over to the dominos, which will cause the water to spill into the glass…” The students in the Physique mécanique class put their heads together to create a Rube Goldberg Machine.
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